Denise Schaefer RN   - Working together to help youto look your best.
Beautiful skin - Pro Derm Skin Care ProductsWelcome to Denise Schaefer RN
Like gravity aging is a constant. Our faces lose collagen, they deflate and descend. But do we have to accept the effects of gravity on ourselves as we age? In my opinion the answer is a resounding NO!
For the past 20 years I have been learning and working in the cosmetic plastic/dermatology world. I began my injecting career with Collagen way back in 1996 and laser vein and hair removal in 1997.  I have had the priviledge to learn about cosmetic surgery, dermatology and lasers from the best mentors in North America. After spending those years working for others I felt is was time to open my own clinic that  focused on providing you with individual and cost effective solutions to your cosmetic concerns. Some of these options may include a combination of Botox/Xeomin,/Dysport or  dermal fillers, laser or light/RF treatments and skin care products.  
We begin your consultation with a full medical history questionnaire and a discussion of your health and esthetic concerns. Following that there will be an initial consultation with my medical director and a determination of what are the suitable options. Consultations are complimentary.
My goal is to establish your trust in a long term relationship based on my integrity, skill and ethical treatment.
My clinic is medically directed. I stay current with new techniques, products by attending at least 2-3 conferences, workshops per year.
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